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Quest for Dave
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Quest For Dave
"Save Your nickles"
-Thos Herfel (Dave's Dad)
Note: Not really updating this site anymore. Tried to erase or rename the site. Just using the main page to keep ya posted.
This Week and Next: Fort McClellan, Alabama (Where I went to Basic training 16+ years ago. Roll Tide)
The Week after next Week: Jury Duty!!!!
On Schaefer Beer Locations: Friend says he spotted some for sale at Tosa Liquor. That brings the total to five locations.
On Registering Vehicles in the State of Wisconsin: Going to the DMV after this cup of coffee. Popo gunna catch me ridin dirrty in the V-dub if I don't go soon.
On the Quest: Conspiracy Theory: Dave fled to Minnesota to avoid the draft.
On going to Miller Park for the First Time on the 4th of July:
Koskie, Home Run, instantly went into round of drinks and tapper celebration before even realizing that I was doing.

Recent picture of Dave


A coon’s age ago, a man named Dave walked among the people of Northwestern Wisconsin. Blessed with a machine-like ability to spell words correctly and massive calves, he was both feared and beloved by the common folk.


About the turn of the century, he disappeared without a trace. Locals will tell you in hushed tones that he went west in search of a prophet. Others insinuate that he fled to avoid precision from those who misunderstood his ways. Finally, there are a select few who do not have a fuckin clue what happen, but are just too curious for their own good to leave well enough alone. I happen to be one of the later.


This website is devoted to chronicling the quest of one person to find the one they call DAVE. You are invited to follow this quest at this website and forward any useful information you might have.

Not actually Dave....but scary close

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